Even though Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon in 1969, his famous words – ‘That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’ – still echo when humanity achieves new goals with remarkable flashes of genius and courage that, when combined together, become the progress.

Exactly 50 years later people responsible for Cracow ArtWeek also decided to make a leap into the unknown. Change announced as the credo of the seventh edition of our project has inspired us to cross the boundaries and expand what was Cracow Gallery Weekend „Krakers” into Cracow ArtWeek – a celebration of modern art lasting for a week with the word „LEAP” as its motto. We have chosen this word as it’s a very broad term. Its meaning includes dynamism, a rapid change of place, reaching higher. It can also be associated with technological breakthroughs, revolutionary ideas, fantastic inventions and milestones on our path of development. Space conquest, artificial intelligence, genetic modifications, cyber reality, cyber love, nanotechnology, biotechnology, social engineering, expanding the borders of impossible – all this is widely reflected in modern art, they are what a contemporary artist is considering, what he or she is thinking about.

These ideas inspire, create new possibilities, new tools while on the other hand, they limit the creator, eliminating the need to experience the unique creation. Stanisław Lem wrote, „the mankind went out to explore new worlds and civilisations without getting to know its own nooks, blind roads, closed doors”. Maybe this is exactly the task for the artists?

We are interested in what the creators think about the future, which theories, visions, utopias, expressing humanity’s longing for a better world, appeal to them, where can they see development, what inspires them. The future is definitely an infinite set of possibilities which fascinate us, scare us and intimidate us, all at the same time.

Space exploration opens many new fields of interpretation for both the artists and the curators of exhibitions and events taking place during Cracow ArtWeek 2019.

We are all wondering what reality awaits us in fifty years and what place art will take in it.