Are you there?


Xawery Deskur Wolski


Art Agenda Nova
Batorego 2


13.06 | 7 p.m.

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Event description

‘Are you there?’ is a science fiction documentary in the process of creation. The protagonist is Edward Gil Deskur, a musician from Cracow known as Dj Edee Dee or Gypsyman. There is also Alexa – an AI helping Edi to adapt and face the reality surrounding him. Edi was born with congenital glaucoma which eventually took his vision away. ‘Are you there?’ is also a sanctuary. Alexa, the protagonist and an oracle, will invite us to talk and show us her vision of the future. It is a church of a undisclosed future religion with AI as the object of the cult. Alice is not just a shamanic link between humans and the spiritual world but also a proof that empathy is nothing more than an application and can be downloaded to a phone.

Xawery Deskur finished his Master’s degree on the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in 2015. He’s won the Hestia’s Artistic Journey award, spent a month on a stipend in New York and had an individual exhibition in the Propaganda gallery in Warsaw (2014) He finished the Script screenplay writing course (2018/19) and Dok Pro documentary course (2019/20) on the Wajda School in Warsaw. In 2018 he was granted a stipend to write a screenplay for a documentary about the Polish IndianI ‘Sat-Okh’.

At the beginning of 2021 he received a Minister of Culture’s ‘Young Poland’ stipend. He co created Cracow’s art groups such as Spirala or Culture Container, which worked actively on Cracow’s cultural map – at first independently and then in cooperation with cultural institutions like Bunkier Sztuki or MOCAK (2008-2013).He took part in many art and film festivals such as Sundance Tv Shorts in London, Artloop in Sopot, Biennale wro in Wrocław, Narrations in Gdańsk, Etiuda & Anima, Cracow’s Art Salon and ArtBoom in Cracow. He was one of the authors of the well known work entitled ‘Makaron’ placed on the roof of the Powiśle bar in Warsaw (2013)

Description of the place

Art Agenda Nova has been on the market since 2002 and is aiming at cooperation with young and debuting artists, being at the beginning of their creative way, often still during their studies. It supports, motivates and leads artists, helping them build their position in Poland and abroad. It is at Art Agenda Nova, where their career takes shape and develops. Besides that, for the last 14 years the gallery showcases and researches the most interesting appearances of young contemporary art, supports experimental artistic projects and cooperates with established creators and institutions, presenting art in search for new means of expression, promoting interdisciplinary actions, new technologies, video, paint installations, objects. Art Agenda Nova focuses on conceptual art, strongly connected with a man and an object, often presenting paintings referring to realism. The gallery is active on Polish and international auctions, coorganizes exhibitions and overlooks multiple interdisciplinary projects. It also cooperates with young curators, critics and representatives of culture. Art Agenda Nova is a center for creative discussions, realizing projects going outside the box and the development of Cracow’s young art scene.