Marek Basiul, Dominika Bobulska, Michał Bratko, Grażyna Brylewska, Marek Chlanda, Stanisław Cholewa, Beata Długosz, Agnieszka Dutka, Robert Kuśmirowski, Maria Kwiecińska, Agnieszka Łukaszewska, Krzysztof Marchlak, Małgorzata Markiewicz, Michał Misiak, Marta Niedbał, Małgorzata Niespodziewana-Rados, Kinga Nowak, Ernest Ogórek, Alicja Panasiewicz, Adam Panasiewicz, Jakub Pierzchała, Barbara Pilch, Anna Sadowska, Wioletta Sowa, Piotr Tołoczko, Małgorzata Wielek-M, Wojciech Wierzbicki, Olga Ząbroń


Ernest Ogórek, Agnieszka Łukaszewska


ARTzona Ośrodka Kultury im. C. K. Norwida

os. Górali 4


Exhibition is open from 19th October,
on the 18th October exhibition is exceptionally closed
Closing on Tuesday (20.10) 7pm-9pm


The exhibition is open until the 20th of October. Monday and Tuesday (19 and 20.10) 9am-7pm
curatorial tours on the 19th of October

The presentation of the ‘Phonecall to the muse’ project and publication: 23.10 4pm-6pm and 25-26.10 11am-6pm

Event description

The exhibition shows the behind the scenes of artists working in different parts of Poland. The works presented are either documenting their everyday life or are inspired by it. This exhibition creates an opportunity to reflect on what is the line separating their artistic actions from their personal lives and observe how those two aspects influence each other.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a presentation of a publication entitled ‘A phone call to a muse. Etiology of a work.’ – artists’ texts on their work.

Gallery description

ARTzona is an artistic space included in C.K.Norwid Center of Culture, open for social and cultural actions. It began its existence in 2010 and consists of a gallery space, a large multipurpose room (fitting up to 300 people) with a dancefloor, small concert and recreation room, a film studio (Stylowa Nowa Huta studio), creative workshop for children, music studios, a recording studios, painting and ceramic workshops. Thanks to the available area of 1750m2 gives a lot of possibilities.