Before the sun rises, dew will eat out the eyes


Ewa Kawecka, cooperation Bogdan Łątka


There have never been, there are no and there will never be any


Śladowski Gallery 
2 Batorego Street


11.06.2022, 7:30

Exhibition open

13-17.06.2022,10 am – 6 pm
16.06.2022 – closed

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When a proverb becomes poetry and poetry becomes a proverb, when entropy is faster than success. We are a multitude of endless attempts to find speakers of the same language, a multitude of inadequate translations, a multitude of attempts to learn foreign languages, a multitude of dull fatigue. In the unity of rosin we agree with each other, but then we are together wrong. Nevertheless, this tale calls for a story “it takes place, or rather it took place in the world that existed before the great war.” It constantly demands the question – are you proud of yourself? Baby don’t say anything because I can’t even hear … let’s dream.

Gallery info

Śladowski Gallery, operating since 2018, located at 2 Batorego Street in Kraków aims to promote the most talented art creators. In cooperation with the Dell’Arte Foundation, it generates collections of the most outstanding creators of contemporary art. Selected exhibitions: Karol Palczak: A Fire Every Day; Booooooom: Dawid Czycz, Karolina Jabłońska, Agata Kus, Karol Palczak, Konrad Żukowski; Dawid Czycz: Golden Years.