Fleeting Glances / Ulotne Spojrzenia Zygmunt Kleszcz


Zygmunt Kleszcz


Joanna Kulis


Due to the epidemiological status, the exhibition is moved to online activities.

Event description

Digitized paintings begin, at the beginning experimentally, but then completely consciously, turn towards the creator’s expectations. The fact that common tools are used to create the work means that everybody can do it, however not everybody tries. A whole series of works was created, allowing to access the artist’s way of looking at the world, his emotions appearing and memorized at the moment of catching the eyes of another person. It’s an extraordinary art.

Gallery description

CONTENT ART is a place where you can find unique works of art. We work with young artists and acknowledged professionals alike. In our gallery the creator has the opportunity to show his art according to their own ideas. We organize individual and collective exhibitions of artists sharing the theme. We deeply care for the quality of art we present and for the satisfaction of artists. We also run an internet store with paintings and graphics made by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.