Cracow Church of Art Gallery
Dedicatio ecclesiae

Start: 11.04.2019, Time: 7:30 pm

Address: 9 Cieszyńska street


Sara Piotrowska, Maciej Szczęśniak, Mateusz Szymanowski


Sara Piotrowska, Maciej Szczęśniak, Mateusz Szymanowski

Event description

On the 8th of April 2094, a historical meeting takes place. For the first time ever the Grand Artist Chief takes part in the ecumenical service besides the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’, the Pope of the Roman – Catholic Church. Through this act, the Church of Art is established among the greatest monotheistic religions. To celebrate, the members of the Cracow’s community of the Church built a chapel at Cieszyńska street. We welcome you for the opening of the newly formed sanctuary of the world’s youngest monotheistic church.

Gallery description

A pop-up gallery and atelier located in the former Telkom-Telos factory at Cieszyńska street, founded by a design and artistic collective (Sara Piotrowska, Maciej Szczęśniak, Mateusz Szymanowski).