Travelling citizens of Nowa Huta


Ewelina Węgiel


Ewelina Węgiel


Dom Kultury Jędruś
ul. Osiedle Centrum A 6A


Exhibition is open from 20.10. 2020

Event description

A collection of souvenirs supplied by the citizens of Nowa Huta from all over the world. Most of those objects were bought through With them I have gathered many histories told by travellers which you will be able to see in Dom Kultury Jędruś. During the opening visitors will be able to talk to some of the travellers. This event is an attempt to paint a new portrait of Nowa Huta.

Gallery description

A house of culture in Nowa Huta usually organizes various activities for juniors, seniors and adults. You can learn foreign languages, learn how to paint, dance or how to be an actor. It is a meeting spot for many citizens of Nowa Huta, where they exchange opinions and stories. An important place on the cultural map of the district.