Promotional materials containing the Cracow Art Week KRAKERS logo must be approved by the organizer, (Cracow Art Week KRAKERS / Fundacja Wschód Sztuki.)

Please send the materials to the event promotion department for verification to the address:

We would like to kindly inform you that all promotional materials of the events included in this year’s Cracow Art Week KRAKERS program, i.e. posters, information leaflets, invitations, information on websites, as well as posts and events in social media, etc., should contain the logo of the Cracow Art Week event in a visible place. KRAKERS and the following annotation: “Exhibition / event organized / as part of the Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2021”

Events on Facebook

1. The description of the event should begin with the mention “Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2021” and then the text. Please mark our FB page in the description by pressing “@” and entering KRAKERS.

2. When creating an event, it is recommended to connect our fb profile as a co-organizer, also by marking the KRAKERS website in the appropriate place. Thanks to this, your event will be added to our website and will be able to reach more users.

3. The “(NO) HOPE” or your own graphics with the KRAKERS logo may be used as a cover / photo in the background of the event.


Krakers – Fringe

Fundacja Wschód Sztuki