„Sztuka przetrwania w morzu paradoksów” / ”The art of survival in a sea of paradoxes”



Students and graduates of the Intermedia Faculty of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków: Estera Gałuszka, Noa Simhayof Shahaf, Dominik Setlak, Krystian Podmokły, Patryk Zdebik.


Mariusz Sołtysik, Krystian Podmokły (Efemeka)


OPCJA – the Gallery of the Intermedia Faculty of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków | 4/30 Zwierzyniecka Street | Paradox Cinema

38/3 Piłsudskiego Street |
4/30 Zwierzyniecka Street |
38 Krupnicza Street


10.06.2022, 6:30 pm | OPCJA Gallery | Artist: Patryk Zdebik

10.06.2022, 7:30 pm | 4/30 Zwierzyniecka Street | Artists: Estera Gałuszka, Krystian Podmokły

12.06.2022, 6 pm, 13.06.2022 6pm | Paradox Cinema | video show „EFEMEKA”

Exhibitions open

Zwierzyniecka 4/30

11.06.2022, 11am – 6pm |12.06.2022 ,11am – 6pm| 13.06.2022, 4 pm 7pm | 14.06.2022, 4 pm 7pm | 15.06.2022, 4 pm 7pm | 16.06.2022, 4 pm 7pm| 17.06.2022, 4 pm 7pm

ul. Piłsudskiego 38/3

10.06.2022, 10am – 6pm| 11.06.202210am – 6pm|
12.06.202210am – 6pm

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We are multitude in a social sense, but as a being we have only ourselves. So we multiply material beings. Activities in the artistic sphere are such entities. Efemeka is a selection of video works. “The Queen of Social Welfare” installation is a three-year activity focused on verifying the functioning of the social welfare system in Poland, which requires taking into account the human factor and human psyche, necessary to create an authentic, non-utopian history. It is work on verifying your own priorities, needs and ways of satisfying them in various ways and trying to understand what work as one of the greatest syntactic elements of our everyday life actually is. “The Queen of Social Welfare” tells about the feeling of independence, the search for the comfort of individuality achievable in the network of dependencies and systems that we are embraced by as a larger society. “A Torrent of Words” is an internet project dealing with the problem of climate change and water shortage, affecting the entire modern world. “Warrior” is an installation dealing with the topic of initiation and transgression as well as identity building.

Gallery info

“Opcja” is the Gallery of the Intermedia Faculty of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. The gallery was established in 2013. It is intended to be used primarily as an area of student activities and presentations, as well as an area of ​​activity for didactic studios. The gallery is also open to presentations of interesting projects from outside the university scope, such as festivals, lectures, shows and competitions. The formal guardian of the gallery is Mariusz Sołtysik. In the years 2013-2020, 45 exhibitions were held. The main axis were the “P like presentation” and “YOU / ME” cycles. The aim of this series of exhibitions was to present the phenomena that take place in the relationship: studio / teacher – student (“YOU / ME”) and make them available in the form of a show, an exhibition or an event. The proposed formula was based on the mutual relationship in relation to the place and the chosen topic / phenomenon. It was about partnership and relational, mutually complementary or mutually discussing implementation. The formula did not assume a finished work. Currently, the exhibitions are held in an irregular cycle, although the main assumptions have remained unchanged. A gesture, a process or a selected substantive aspect are most welcome. The gallery is the seat of the international competition for an ICIA intermedia work.