Open your mouth, blink an eye


Katarzyna Olma, Joanna Tochman, Krzysztof Grzybacz


Maciej Tajber



ul. Ujejskiego 2a


23.10 at 8:30pm

Event description

The project is based on an installation created by three artists: Katarzyna Olma, Joanna Tochman and Krzysztof Grzybacz. It will consist of elements referring to hidden fantasies which will take real shapes in the space built by the artists. The installation will create an alternative reality in which everyone can be themselves.

Gallery description

F.A.I.T. (Fundacja Artyści Innowacja Teoria) came to be in 2005 in Cracow. The lead activity of the Foundation is owning and taking care of a modern art gallery. It also realizes project and activities other than exhibitions. F.A.I.T. is constantly searching for new, innovative ways of popularizing modern art and reaching new audiences.