Fosfor Galeria


Start: 10.04. 2019, Time: 5:30 pm

Address: 11 Kamieńskiego street


Ewelina Lesik, Karol Męczarski, Grzegorz Demczuk, Katarzyna Legutko, Olga Winiarczyk, Michał Kęskiewicz, Sebastian Krok


DJ set: Marcin Sipiora, Katarzyna Legutko

Event description

A mad leap into the future is always associated with risk and unpredictability. On its way to perfection, our civilization continually has to overcome old and new obstacles. Nature’s, people’s and machine’s mistakes. Our exhibition is a wide artistic commentary on the society’s trust in the infallibility of robots, smartphones, processors and the Internet and works presented show the aesthetics of error and Glitch Art both visual and musical.

Gallery description

The insane leap into the future is associated with risk and unpredictability. On its way to perfection the civilisation is facing new and old obstacles. Nature’s mistakes. Peoples’ mistakes. Machines’ mistakes. A broad artistic commentary in the age where the society trusts in infallibillity of robots, smartphones, the Internet and processors. Works related to the aesthetics of error, cisual and musical Glitch Art.
Started by the European avant-garde, the revolutionary process of change in the understanding of the concept of art is still ongoing. Examples of electronic art (and, in some aspects, the electronic art itself) seem to confirm this thesis by forcing us to expand the idea of ‘art’. This phenomenon, of course, is a result of digitization, influencing the quality, reception and the form of works. The mix of old and new technologies: ‘The art showing its time, appreciating both current technological capabilities and human imagination. By genre – the art of installation, navigation and re-mixation. By perception – the art of the artifact being modified by the user. By communication – the art of dialogue and interaction. By composition – art using an open structure, mix and segmentation’

Fosfor Gallery/an initiative based on the cooperation of the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University and Bonarka Shopping Center in Cracow. Curator: Małgorzata Wielek-M