Gallery of Contemporary Art OFF FRAME

DOGMA! What do artists believe in? Structures of dogmatic thought in Polish contemporary art.

Start: 13.04.2019, Time: 4 pm

Address: 41/1 Krakowska street


Iwona Demko, Ada Karczmarczyk, Tomasz Kozak, Cecylia Malik, Łukasz Murzyn, Dariusz Nowak, Jacek Pasieczny, Daniel Rycharski, Łukasz Surowiec, Alicja Żebrowska


Łukasz Murzyn

Event description

Faiths, phantasms, amalgams of meanings. Artists are divided into fractions and orders, similar to planets of distant systems, orbiting around their own suns of discourse. Can we really afford only short satellite visits, a leap to the orbit of our own interests? Maybe there are artistic interplanetary travels taking place? Is there a hyperspace, where an approach of the poles of meanings releases a leap, a spark of communication between distant spheres?

Gallery description

The OFF FRAME art gallery was founded in 2017 in Cracow. Located in the artistic part of the city, Kazimierz, it occupies the house with Nowy Theater, Literacka Cafe and a music stage, which allows to turn an opening into a true artistic performance. The gallery’s main aim is to support the development of new artists’ careers and to present recognized artists working in various media.
The gallery organizes temporary exhibitions, assists in creating collections, inspires and showcases contemporary art.