How to take the power away from the old eye that knows


Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza in cooperation with Katarzyną Kukułą


duet artystyczny: Katarzyna Kukuła, Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza


Remedy Culture Club | Razem Pamoja Fundation
Józefińska 9


13/06 | 8 p.m.

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Event description 

The opponent with whom Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza wants to fight with her photographs is a certain perception habit created by our culture – a turbocapitalism created by banks, corporations and invigilation, commodification of our perception and relations and finally the apparent eroticization and sexualization of the visual sphere. All of this is constantly accompanied by patriarchal axiology – restrictive, judgemental, dogmatic, ruthless towards mistakes and deviation.

Description of the place

Remedy Culture Club is a non-commercial space in which we are presenting project realised by Razem Pamoja Foundation in close cooperation with the artists in Mathare Art Gallery in Kenia, Seseama in Indonesia and Jacmel on Haiti.