i! Gallery in Hevre

ComeBlack, part II

Start: 14.04.2019, Time: 8 pm

Address: Hevre, 18 Beer Meisels street


Alek Janicki, Rafał Mazur, Paulina Owczarek, Tomek Chołoniewski, Michał Dymny, Marianna Janicka

Event description

ComeBlack – an audio-visual performance, a continuation of the idea of an exhibition by Alek Janicki in the i! Gallery. Haiku is a form connecting the picture with sound, based on the European improvised music and the eastern tradition of creating intuitive music, which highest standards have been appreciated also by the audience at the source – in Japan.
HiQ Formation consists of, besides the founder, performer and the creator of ComeBlack – Alek Janicki, outstanding improvisers – Rafał Mazur (acoustic bass guitar), Tomek Chołoniewski (percussion), Paulina Owczarek (saxophone), Michał Dymny (electric guitar), Maria Janicka (electric violin, electronics), Piotr Madej (multi-channel sound)