Joanna Fluder, Ksenia Gryckiewicz, Karolina Jabłońska, Kamil Kukla, Dominika Olszowy


Karolina Jabłońska



ul. Rakowicka 11a/3


Opening has been canceled
exhibition is open from 19th October – details on-line

Event description

Crash test is an interdisciplinary exhibition of A.Janicki. In professional terminology a crash test is a cantrolled, laboratory test of how vehicle’s safety features work. During the test a slow motion (1000fps) video footage is recorded and analyzed with signals from sensors placed all over the vehicle and manekins inside it. The exhibition will make it possible for you to see the results of a test not necessarily performed on a means of transport. The pandemic created new contexts for the expression ‘crash test’.

Gallery description

The ‘Potencja’ gallery was founded by Karolina Jabłońska, Tomasz Kręcicki and Cyryl Polaczek. They mostly paint, but also they own a gallery where they present the most interesting, in their eyes, artists of their generation. In 2018 they also started publishing an artistic magazine ‘Łałok’.