So much happened while you were gone

Laboratory Section


Anastasia Bai, Agata Chrobak, Paulina Gutkowska, Julia Janur, Iga Michalik, Jagoda Pluta, Łukasz Rygał, Jakub Szachnowski


Agata Chrobak, Jakub Szachnowski


Scena Supernova
ul. Zyblikiewicza 12/4


10.06.2022, 7 pm

Exhibition open

10.06.2022, 3pm – 10pm| 11.06.2022 – closed | 12.06.2022, 2pm-7pm | 13.06, 3pm – 7pm | 14-15.06.2022 3pm- 6pm | 16-17.06.2022, 2pm – 7pm

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The exhibition is a story about our generation – people born at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s. On one hand, we have shared experiences of growing up in the same world, as peers we share some key parts of identity. On the other hand, each of us is an individual. We are aware that it is sometimes difficult for us to communicate. Since we have a problem with intergenerational communication, how are other generations to understand us? Perhaps we have to use non-verbal methods. To give up words for the sake of images, experiences and touching.

Gallery info

Scena Supernova is an off-initiative that was established in 2017. Supernova fills the gap in the alternative stage space in Krakow, supporting initiatives from various fields of art. It is a generational theater that connects young people who are looking for a new way of experiencing for themselves and the elderly who have not lost their fresh look. Supernova has also become a bridge between professional artists, young people from Krakow’s art schools and talented debutants who work on joint projects, exchanging experiences.