Upiorek (Ghost)

Laboratory Section


Nina Paszkowski, Krzysztof Gil, Marcin Janusz


Ania Batko


Mysia norka
Wrzesińska Street 3


12.06.2022, 7 pm

Exhibition open

13-15.06.2022, 5-7 pm

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Every morning he is haunted by the thought: “What if I’m dead?” But he pushes it away, even if he is subconsciously pleased that death has made an exception for him. He has strange hair and a limp body and wears a medallion with a dried caul around his neck. His fingertips turn red when he gets nervous. He likes to nibble church candles, drink coffee in Noworolski café and cuddle up to the Wawel chakra. He rarely talks about himself, but it amuses him when he hears what others say about him.

Upiorek (Ghost) is a story about commodity mythology, stories that exist like a towel, independently of the body, and about exclusion that becomes a tool of subversion.

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