Void Connoisseur


Dominik Jałowiński, Michał Bratko


Widna Gallery
Grzegórzecka 31


19/06 | 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.


Exhibition available 17/06

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Event description

Works presented on the exhibition are meant to be an answer to the emptiness mentioned in the title. A vacuum that sucks the picture from the depths of the Internet and memory.

Their genesis can also be found in the fascination with an AI model capable of generating pictures. This model, in its hidden multidimensional mathematical space, has over 1000 categories of pictures and a limitless capability to generate single, original and non repetitive combinations of all these categories in various proportions and configurations.

Description of the place

The idea of creating the ‘Widna’ space has its genesis in the need to create contextual narratives based on the experiences of publication. It is noncommercial, and the main reason for its existance is the need to exchange artistic experiences.