Michał Łukasz | Anomaly


Michał Łukasz, Anomalia


Roman Dziadkiewicz, Martyna Nowicka, Arkadiusz Półtorak

Implementation cooperation

Bernard Śmiałek, Martyna Basta,Zuzanna Bodzoń, Ernest Borowski (bakblivv), Napoleon Bryl, Dawid Bzduła (splndr), Jakub Dolny, Alicja Filipek, Estera Gałuszka, Karina Gorzkowska, Klaudia Kot, Sonia Kujawa, Milena Malecha, Michał Menkarski, Joanna Parniewska, Dominik Setlak, Łukasz Stefański, Maja Szerel, Jakub Świeży, Magdalena Szostak, Monika Tomaszewska, Vakut Tsar i inni.


The Department of Intermedia of the Academy of Fine Arts & Elementarz dla mieszkańców miast

ul. Adama Asnyka 7


The events are happening and are available between 4pm and 9pm

Registration required prior to attending.

21st-25th of October – Michał Łukasz | Anomalia

Event description

The debut of two artists realized with students and friends of the Department of Intermedia of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. An event taking place in the basement and in certain spots in the tenement housing the Elementarz dla Mieszkańców Miast is a connector for various narrations placed in different time and space – something like a performance, exhibition, a reality show, an exhibition workshop and a narrative streaming all put into one.

Gallery description

Elementarz dla mieszkańców miast is a gallery, a club and a meeting place placed in a building at Asnyka 7. It takes up the basement – where most of the musical events happen, and the attic which is an unconventional (and sometimes very demanding) space to present contemporary art. The patron of Elementarz is the writer Bertolt Brecht, from whose series of poetry Aus dem Lesebuch für Städtebewohner the name of the initiative was borrowed. Currently three people take care of it: Leona Jacewska, Martyna Nowicka and Arkadiusz Półtorak.