A Stand on Nowy Square


Start: Tuesday, 09.04. 2019, Time: 5:30pm

Address: Nowy Square


Betina Bożek, Anna Kubik, Weronika Stencel

Event description

Our stand will be an artistic installation with some scenography elements. We would like to create a cardboard body of Targozin, who will be going out to the city space with his frame. Within it we will place our books, surrounded by colours and shapes.
Plac Nowy, as a landmark on Cracow’s map is a perfect place to show the Targozin lizard.

Gallery description

The aim of this venture is to present our artbooks in the space of Plac Nowy. For a few days, one of the stands in this place will be arranged by us and transformed into a figure of Targozin.
Targozin is a creation combining the past with the future. This thought construct absorbs that what is traditional to create new, fresh content – our art books. This is why we want to face the spectators with new, experimental forms of books.