A woman in nature’s arms


Michał Czuba, Sławomir Zięba


Ewa Kawałko


Kolekcjoner Gallery
Czarnowiejska 13/5


16/06 | 6:30 p.m.

Event description

The ‘A woman in nature’s arms’ exhibition in the Kolekcjoner Gallery provokes us to consider two important issues: the ecological disaster and the womens’ manifestation of their strength. Using Michał Czuba’s paintings and Sławomir Zięba’s sculptures we put these issues together. Will we come back to ‘normality’ after the pandemic? Will it be the normality we know or will it be different? How will we deal with the degradation of the environment? What will be the women’s role in the ‘new world’ and what will they achieve?

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