About the Foundation

The East of Art Foundation began its existance in 2006 and its goal was to promote contemporary art in and outside of Poland, raise awareness and knowledge about art in the society as well as to support the artists and their development. In order to achieve these goals the Foundation organises and funds regular events, festivals and exhibitions, meetings and discussions with artists and other people involved in the community. East of Art is also dedicated to collecting works of art and documenting them, the events initiated and co-created by it and cooperations with national and international institutions and people who share the Foundation’s goals.

Since 2006 the Foundation, along with Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe, organised ArtBoom – the festival of visual arts ( www.artboomfestival.pl ) and 2012 saw the first edition of Cracow Gallery Weekend ‘Krakers’ ( www.cracowgalleryweekend.pl ) which in 2019 turns into Cracow Art Week. In 2009 the Contemporary Belarus project was initiated, aiming to popularise Belarusian contemporary art, little known to the European audience. In cooperation with Małopolski Instytut Kultury, Krytyka Polityczna and the ‘Splot’ Foundation, the East of Art initiated a big social and artistic City Project in 2009. Other events co-created by our Foundation were, among others, Video Now ( www.videonowproject.wordpress.com ), Video Now Dokument and Krk: Loca(r)tor ( www.facebook.com/krklocartor ).

Since 2006 the East of Art Foundation takes part in ‘Internships in cultural institutions” programme created by Narodowe Centrum Kultury, sharing knowledge and experience with students of faculties related to art and culture. Another project the Foundation is involved in is ‘Gaude Polonia’, a Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s Scholarship Programme, addressed at young artists and culture creators. In the year 2018, with Kraków City Hall and Leipzig International Art Programme, we have started residency programme for visual artists in Kraków.

Website: http://www.fws.art.pl