ZPAF Gallery / Zpafgallery
Tomasza 24

After midnight


collective exhibition by 21 ZPAF artists
Anna Andrzejewska, Wojciech Beszterda, Jakub Byrczek, Beata Brząkalik- Gburek, Joanna Chudy, Jakub Dziewit, Iwona Germanek, Kasia Kalua Kryńska, Ryszard Karczmarski, Radek Kobierski, Antoni Kreis, Katarzyna Łata, Ireneusz Misiak, Jowita Murmul, Joanna Nowicka, Maciej Plewiński, Zbigniew Podsiadło, Konrad Pollesch, Artur Rychlicki, Danuta Węgiel, Andrzej Zygmuntowicz, * Kuratorki: Katarzyna Łata, Danuta Węgiel


ZPAF Gallery / Zpafgallery
Tomasza 24


20.04.2024 – 17:00


19.04.2024 – 14:00–18:00
20–24.04.2024 – 12:00–18:00
25-26.04.2024 – closed


“After midnight” is a photography exhibition showing negatives. The idea is to show the first stage of the photographic record, which is usually presented “to the world” in a processed next form. Symbolically, we intend to invite the viewer to our studios, like home, at a time that is meant only for us, in the private space of the night. 21 authors are participating in the exhibition.


ZPAF gallery / Zpafgallery/ operates as a gallery of the Cracow District of the Association of Polish Art Photographers. We continue the traditions of the Association , whose origins date back to 1947. The gallery presents the work of the ZPAF artists and those whose work we consider important. We are interested in the comprehensive development of photographic creativity , including new forms of recording and transmission.


ZPAF Gallery / Zpafgallery | Tomasza 24