ART AGENDA NOVA 2 Batorego Street

AI dreaming + three wagnerites


Norman Leto


Małgorzata Gołębiewska


2 Batorego Street


12.05.2023, 5 pm

Exhibition open

13-14.05.2023, 11 am – 6 pm | 15-19.05.2023, 9 am – 5 pm


The narration of Norman Leto’s solo exhibition at Art Agenda Nova enters into a polemic with the Cracow Art Week’s motto “art always wins”. The artist reflects on the definition of victory (especially in the current geopolitical situation) and the role of art in the era of the growing popularity of artificial intelligence. The show consists of painted representations of dead wagnerites, about whom the artist says: This is a private, emotional secretion. It probably results, among other things, from my sense of impotence as an artist and art in the face of war. My triptych won’t have any influence on winning against the Russians. Perhaps after painting it, my mood improved a bit, but it’s far from the concept of “always wins”. Norman Leto, as always, takes a pioneering approach to the possibilities of new technologies, he will show the entire video generated by AI, projections of dreams, created on the basis of notes taken right after waking up. Thanks to the current revolution of artificial intelligence, the art of AI will certainly cause a lot of turbulence in the existing concepts. (…) Art always wins? I disagree, he adds.


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ART AGENDA NOVA | 2 Batorego Street