All your (favourite) saints online


Wiki Królikowska, Roderick Murray


Olimpia Maciejewska


Olympia Gallery
Limanowskiego 24/4B


19/06 | 6 p.m.

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Event description

When you spend over a year locked at home your dreams, needs and beliefs change forever. You’ve been told that you can save the world by neglecting your friends, avoiding contacting other people in any way besides online, sitting in bed the whole day and streaming TV shows. Wiki Królikowska and Roderick Murray want the world to see all those underestimated online saints who will become role models in the new reality. To make it worldwide the artists plan to start their own religion.

Description of the place

Olympia Gallery (1999) promotes contemporary art. Its name relates to the name of the founder – Olimpia Maciejewska – and to the title of a controversial (in its time) painting by Edouard Manet (1863). The Gallery has created strong bonds with artists from all over Poland. It organizes multiple individual and at least one collective problem related exhibition. It is keen on inviting young curators to collaborate.