Allegro makes buying art easier!

Buyers can conveniently bid the most valuable, certified works of contemporary art, just as if they were in a virtual auction house. The next edition of the auction will be a part of Cracow Art Week, of which Allegro has become a patron. In the first five auctions in the Allegro Collector’s Zone, 400 pieces of art were auctioned, totaling in over 1,2 million PLN.
During 8 years of its existence, Cracow Art Week was aimed at promoting contemporary art in Cracow. This year, between the 8th and 15th of April, more than 70 galleries, auction houses, and artistic collectives will be showcasing works of artists while at the same time Allegro will be hosting online auctions in the Collector’s Zone
Art Salon CONNAISSEUR, Art Agenda Nova Gallery, Nautilus Gallery and Auction House, Dyląg Gallery, Raven Gallery, Art in House Gallery and Auction House, Fresz Gallery and many more will take place in the bidding, during which art enthusiasts will be able to acquire works by, among others, Roman Cieślewicz, Edward Dwurnik, Jan Szancenbach, and Rafał Olbiński
So far Cracow Art Week has been aimed at educating the audience and promoting contemporary art. Now, thanks to Allegro, we’ve gained new, commercial potential. Up till now in order to purchase works of art one had to visit one of the galleries, but now, with our new patron, we have the chance to reach a much wider audience, interested not only in seeing art but in collecting it as well – says Małgorzata Gołębiewska, the initiator and artistic director of the Cracow Art Week.
It is a next step in developing the Allegro Collector Zone – a special section where auction houses and galleries can list works of art.
The biggest advantages for our customers are the credibility of sellers and the availability and the range of the offer. In Poland, there are a few hundreds of galleries with tight exposition space and limited possibility of selling art online. In the Collector’s Zone, all objects are shown in one place with a state of the art online auction system, Buyer Protection Programme and the possibility of installment purchase. It is a vast simplification, regardless of the reason to buy – whether it’s an investment or just to decorate an apartment – says Jacek Weichert, the manager of the Collections and Art section of Allegro.
Allegro is hosting the Collector’s Zone Auctions since September 2018 and in this time 409 pieces of art had been auctioned for more than 1,2 million PLN. Among the most valuable one can find works by Igor Mitoraj (‘Perseus’, 34100PLN), J.P.Noblin (‘The Captain of the 1st regiment’, 29000PLN), Juliusz Kossak (‘A mare with the foal’, 14800PLN), Edward Dwurnik (‘Tulips’, 10100PLN), Zdzisław Beksiński (‘Nude’, 9600PLN), Salvador Dali (‘The amusing dreams of Pantagruel’, 7000PLN). Many renowned galleries took part in the Collector’s Zone auctions – Art Salon CONNAISSEUR, Polish Auction House, Nautilus Gallery and Auction House, Foksal 17 Gallery, Agra Art Auction House, Art in House Gallery and Auction House, Stalowa Gallery and many more.
Taking part in Allegro auctions is a great way for buyers to easily bid. For galleries, it is a possibility to reach a wider audience and improve their sales.

Results of previous auctions:
I bidding: 42 works of art sold for 114 710PLN
II bidding: 46 works of art sold for 136 930PLN
III bidding: 72 works of art sold for 191 749PLN
IV bidding: 109 works of art sold for 321 931PLN
V bidding: 169 works of art sold for 394 150PLN

About Allegro

Allegro is one of the biggest based on new technologies trade companies in Poland and Europe, helping to make shopping online easier and safer since 1999.
The service has over 21 million customer’s accounts used to buy 1,2 millions of products every day. Most of those products are new and have a warranty. Allegro offers modern financial services as well – commission-free financing, renewable installments, insurance, and leasing. Over 125000 companies, both big international brands and small local firms, sell their products on this platform. This allows Allegro to improve standards on the e-commerce markets by caring for consumer rights and supporting the development of entrepreneurship.
Allegro employs over 1700 people, with almost half of them being highest class specialists in the area of technology. Besides its headquarters in Poznań, the company has its offices in Warsaw, Toruń, Wrocław, and Cracow.
Allegro is one of the strongest Polish brands, excelling at the quality of customer service. High positions in rankings such as Superbrands, Gwiazdy Jakości Obsługi, OC&C Retail Proposition Index and Top Marka confirms this claim.
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