We are all terrorists


Łukasz Surowiec


Małgorzata Gołębiewska


Art Agenda Nova
ul. Batorego 2

The opening has been canceled


Exhibition is open from 18.10 at 6pm – 9pm

Event description

The exhibtion title is a sentence from an anarchistic banner given to Łukasz Surowiec by a participant of street protests. The banner was incorporated in the documentation of the Black Block project, presented for the first time in the Zachęta National Art Gallery in 2016. This controversial sentence became an inspiration for creating a series of works in which the artists thinks about possible combat strategies and was later used as a part of a new clothes collection for which he used a fabric being a visual composition of pictures received from the participants of the protests.

The exhibition refers to both guerilla standards, anarchistic combat tactics and an utopian shortcuts, characteristic for Surowiec. ‘Jacob’s son’, shown for the first time during the exhibition, is a proposition of a way to, through art, involvement and social sensitivity, bring heaven to earth, if only for a short while. The socially excluded characters from the movie were invited by the artist to create an installation showing the act of fight based on model techniques of melee combat, which the participants will be able to watch in the city space.

Gallery description

Art Agenda Nova has been on the market since 2002 and is aiming at cooperation with young and debuting artists, being at the beginning of their creative way, often still during their studies. It supports, motivates and leads artists, helping them build their position in Poland and abroad. It is at Art Agenda Nova, where their career takes shape and develops. Besides that, for the last 14 years the gallery showcases and researches the most interesting appearances of young contemporary art, supports experimental artistic projects and cooperates with established creators and institutions, presenting art in search for new means of expression, promoting interdisciplinary actions, new technologies, video, paint installations, objects. Art Agenda Nova focuses on conceptual art, strongly connected with a man and an object, often presenting paintings referring to realism. The gallery is active on Polish and international auctions, coorganizes exhibitions and overlooks multiple interdisciplinary projects. It also cooperates with young curators, critics and representatives of culture. Art Agenda Nova is a center for creative discussions, realizing projects going outside the box and the development of Cracow’s young art scene.