Collective exhibition of works by members of Cracow Photography Club


Katarzyna Bielec


BIELEC ART / House of photography and painting / Art Gallery and Photographic Studio
Plac Inwalidów 6


17/06 | 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

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Event description

Hope or lack of it. Progress or rush towards annihilation. Global pandemic. Awakening? A collective exhibition organized for the Cracow Photo Club will be an opportunity to reflect on the problems we’re facing at the beginning of the XXI century. Pictures taken by participants will become reflections of the imaginations, thoughts and emotions of a modern human being. This project’s goal is not only to provide a platform to think about the condition of the world, but also to inspire us to act creatively in the name of the better tomorrow.

Description of the place

Since 2010 BIELEC Art is a photographic studio and an author’s art gallery harking back to 120 years of Bielec family’s photographic tradition. In the House of Photography and Painting, besides the ability to purchase photographs and paintings you can take digital and traditional (retouched manually on film) black and white photographs. The Gallery is presenting works of Katarzyna and Paweł Bielec and also organizes photographic workshops and temporary exhibitions of artists related with the city of Cracow.