2okna Gallery
Józefa 40



Marta Bożyk, Ada Bystrzycka, Anita Kluska, Katarzyna Niżegorodcew, Anna Maria Szpecht, Daria Rzepiela, Barbara Guzik


Barbara Guzik


2okna Gallery
Józefa 40


19.04 godz. 21:00


19 – 26.04 godz. 10:00-20:00


We live in a fluctuating arrangement of elements and energies. Feeling different, isolated or experiencing coexistence and proximity. Always with different sensitivities. Despite everything, we form a balanced system. What is the reason that despite the sense of isolation and disintegration of ties nevertheless, we somehow catch the balance?

Is a harmonious system possible? Is there a link, a base, a point of reference?

Where do we find ourselves in this arrangement? Us? Us in relation to others?

The planned exhibition will attempt to answer these questions.


2 Okna Gallery is a contemporary art gallery situated in the district of Kazimierz in Cracow, by a café with the same name. The gallery took Maria Jarema, a 20th century’s avant garde artist, as its ideological patron. The gallery has been operating for 6 years. Besides exhibitions 2 Okna also organizes concerts, discussions and workshops. The Gallery is supported by Dwie Galicje Foundation. In the cafe, besides multiple reproductions of Maria Jarema’s works, guests can see a rather large mural – an enlarged copy of one of her graphics. Another mural, made by Group 13 and inspired by Jarema’s works, can be seen in the garden.


2okna Gallery | ul. Józefa 40