Bałuckiego 15

The Atlantis in Cracow

Start: Tuesday, 09.04. 2019, Time: 8 pm

Address: 15 Bałuckiego street


Anna Huk, Piotr Zięba, Antonina Dąbrowska, Ola Nenko, Michał Iwański, Alicja Pakosz, Michał Myszkowski

Event description

Today I will tell you a story that really happened. A few days ago a man came to me – a geologist and mineralogist. This resident of Cracow asked me ‘Do you want to see the Atlantis in Cracow?’. Even though at first I thought that he’s joking, I decided to say yes and find out what is this ‘Atlantis in Cracow’ all about.

Gallery description

The house at 15 Bałuckiego street is a meeting place. The gallery is located on the ground floor, in the former garage, boiler room, the annex and the garden. Without hesitation and non-profit, Bałuckiego 15 is opening its garage gate again for Cracow Art Week 2019.