Otwarta Pracownia Gallery
Miodowa 6/2
Dietla 47 – artist’s workshop

Can you feel it? Paint Paradise for me… Paintings of Piotr Jargusz


Piotr Jargusz


Joanna Oparek


Otwarta Pracownia Gallery * Miodowa 6/2 * Dietla 47 – artist’s workshop


19.04.2024 – 19:00 – Dietla 47
19.04.2024 – 20:00 – Miodowa 6/2


19.04.2024 – 18:00–20:00 – Miodowa 6/2
20–26.04 – 17:00–20:00 – Miodowa 6/2


The place of the exhibition is the artist’s studio and the hall where he has been painting for years, when he starts not to fit in the studio. He leaves them there when it’s warm to dry. This is how laundry used to dry in the past. At the same time, it’s a place for casual/non-casual encounters and a place for them to be viewed by the artist’s neighbors – in many cases foreigners renting an apartment across from the studio. Instead of vernissage flowers, one leaves a letter, a voucher for something or an assurance that one ” didn’t move anything”.


Otwarta Pracownia Gallery has been operating in Cracow since 1995, it is homeless at the moment. It is the oldest non-commercial gallery run by a group of artists associated with the Otwarta Pracownia Artistic Association. Operating for years without institutional support, thanks to the selfless commitment of artists, over 300 exhibitions of young and middle-aged artists from Poland and abroad, several dozen performances, lectures, promotion of Otwarta Pracownia publications and discussions were organized here. The publishing activity covers a total of over 60 annual catalogs and individual exhibitions as well as books by critical authors related to Otwarta Pracownia. In recent years, the gallery has opened up to theater and literature, performances and meetings of young Cracow poets take place here.


Otwarta Pracownia Gallery | Miodowa 6/2