Main Post Office
2 Wielopole Street


The exhibition organized in cooperation between the Art Department of the University of Warsaw and Zeitgeist Asset Management, co-financed by the Pedagogical University of Cracow.


Agata Agatowska, Malwina Antoniszczak, Kamil Baś, Stanisław Cholewa, Monika Chrabąszcz-Tarkowska, Agnieszka Dutka, Dorota Hadrian, Michał Hyjek, Franciszka Jagielak, Barbara Janczak, Kornel Janczy, Piotr Jargusz, Lech Kolasiński, Natalia Kopytko, Joanna Krokosz, Magdalena Lazar, Dagmara Latała, Agnieszka Łukaszewska, Małgorzata Markiewicz, Krzysztof Marchlak, Memorymorph, Andrzej Najder, Monika Natkaniec-Papp, Małgorzata Niespodziewana, Mirosław Niesyto, Marcin Nowak, Anna Pichura, Magdalena Pińczyńska, Konrad Peszko, Ewa Protasiewicz, Mateusz Rafalski, Anna Sadowska, Aleksandra Satława, Wojciech Sobczyk, Dominika Spytek, Barbara Stachura, Łukasz Surowiec, Karolina Szafran, Zuzanna Wdowik, Anna Węgrzyniak, Małgorzata Wielek, Witold Winek, Angelika Wojas, Katarzyna Wojdyła, Anna Zabdyrska, Magdalena Żmijowska, Przemysław Paliwoda, Krzysztof Gil


Weronika Plińska, Sebastian Bożek


Main Post Office

2 Wielopole Street


12.05.2023, 7 pm – 9 pm

Exhibition open

12.05.2023, 6 pm – 9 pm | 13-19.05.2026, 4 pm – 7 pm


The Main Post Office is not only a palimpsest object, bearing traces of overwritten meanings, but also a model of a specific universe – the materialization of a technological and architectural utopia, as a result of which a new, networked modern human was born. The exhibition will be a pretext to look at how contemporary artists and designers tackle the problem of seeing and imaging as well as the relationship between art and science. Are Renaissance and modernist phantasms a field of creative reinterpretation for them, or an element of abandoned heritage?


The exhibition is an artistic and research project, the aim of which is to address selected themes referring to the biography of the building of the Main Post Office, which was built in the years 1887-1889 according to the design of the Viennese architect Friedrich Setz in the Northern Neo-Renaissance style. In the years 1931-36, the Post Office underwent a general reconstruction under the direction of Fryderyk Tadanier.

In the 1990s, the tower’s dome was restored and changes were made to give the building a postmodern character. Currently, the Main Post Office no longer performs its original function. Since 2019, the building has been owned by a private Czech investor, Zeitgeist Asset Management, a fund based in Prague, which, under the supervision of a monument conservator and a team of architects, is conducting research aimed at revealing traces of the building’s Neo-Renaissance past. The building of the Main Post Office is currently being prepared to serve as a hotel in the future, space of open character and benefiting from the character of the place.



Main Post Office | 2 Wielopole Street