Andrzej Andzik Kowalczyk i aktorzy Teatru 52 Hz


Grażyna Borowik-Pieniek


OUTSIDER Art Research Station
Kalwaryjska 29


19/06 | 5:30 p.m.

Event description

Performances presented live in a real space of a gallery, in real time based on the process of sorting, collecting, relating and placing poppy seeds having their own, rich symbolism. In this case they symbolise peoples’ lives – countless, just like poppy seeds, victims of war. Artist – Arithmetician, through counting poppy seeds is relating to humanity’s common and basic survival instincts. He is questioning and disturbing the borders between everyday life and art. The performance is stimulated by an object – a busk of poppy – and a ‘laboratory’ – a projection of a film and photographic documentation, traces of an endless process.

Description of the place

Outsider Art Research Station (since 2018) is a place realizing actions meaning to popularize and better understanding widely understood art, both professional, art brut and all kinds of phenomena from the area of outsider art, mostly in painting, drawing, graphics, photography, spatial actions and film. The Station is a place of social and occupational activation through workshops, consultations and competitions.

INSTAGRAM stacja badawcza