13th and 20th June

2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the first edition of KRAKERS. Through this decade hundreds of artists, gallery owners, critics, curators, animators, managers and volunteers have worked on each edition of the event. KRAKERS became well known with its range constantly expanding and eventually crossing the borders of the city.

This year’s edition will take place in Cracow between the 13th and the 20th of June. Through the seven days filled with openings, performances, meetings and discussions the organizer will clash well established galleries with ephemeral project rooms creating a unique opportunity to see Cracow’s world of art and exhibitions prepared for this event.

(NO) HOPE – this treacherous slogan is the main idea of the tenth edition of Cracow’s artweek. It is meant to be a response to the pandemic reality that surrounds us. It oscillates between two contradicting visions of the future – one full of hope and one completely hopeless. We’re asking which vision is gaining the most traction – more optimistic solarpunk or the preppers movement. ‘No future’ or ‘Yes we can!’? Maybe even ‘Make the planet great again’? We’re wondering what is the place of humanity in all this – do we see ourselves as the destructors or creators (of the environment, our bodies, lives, resources, cultural heritage etc)? Finally – we’re asking whether art is able to give us hope and what is its place in the reality it helped, and is still helping, to make better? What should art be focusing on – should it be an expression of spirituality or an eccentric entertainment for the chosen?

Due to the difficult situation our civilization is in right now, the 2021 edition of KRAKERS will be dedicated to the world crisis, the reality during and after the pandemic. We will also take a look at the role of culture in the new shape of the world changed by COVID-19. We would like to show the wide and diverse culture Cracow can offer. We will once again showcase the artistic specificity by supporting and promoting new spots, artists and contemporary art in the city space. Cracow Art Week remains to also be a platform for communication, education, information and promotion, a meeting place for independent art centers and the citizens.

The event expands with each year and the number of artists and spectators is growing. Additionally to the exhibitions held in well established galleries we continue to discover new places for our audience and inspire to create new spaces to showcase contemporary art. Following the map and the programme participants will be able to find new artists and spaces. Krakers also offers a rich accompanying programme consisting of workshops, guided tours of Cracow’s galleries and meetings with artists and art market experts. The growing size of KRAKERS and the diversity of the programme meant that the weekend just wasn’t enough to fit all the exhibitions and events which is why we expanded to a well known format of an Art Week, just as in Berlin or Paris.

The project Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2021: (NO) HOPE is co-financed by the city of Krakow.

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