Cybernetic location – a hybrid event in physical and virtual spaces


Agata Plk, Anastasiia Vorobiova, Aneta Sieniawska / Lux Mundi, Bartosz Zaskórski, Bernard Śmiałek, dzdkwcz x ehhhaha, Julek Ploski, Artur (No Art) Lis, Kamil Kukla, Klaudia Opoka, Krystian Podmokły, Rafał Pogoda, Rom Dziadkiewicz, Weronika Emila Baran x and others


Roman Dziadkiewicz


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Event description

CYBERNETIC LOCATION is a hybrid artistic and social event, a research in virtual spaces meant to discover and test new ways for art to exist in (post)pandemic world. CL is a place for digital and traditional artists to meet and collaborate – combining current and actual with virtual and potential. We define the Location as activity outside the exhibition scheme of galleries and art institutions and an alternative to commercial platforms of the supervision capitalism.

Description of the place is a collective srteam-art laboratory. Based on the know-how, a real studio and equipment we create a hybrid schedule, audiovisual content and a reflection on post-physical potentials for production and distribution of art.