Dyląg Gallery
22 St. Tomasza Street

Dear and Wonderful Alek… Author’s photographs of Władysław Hasior’s works from the 1950s/60s. from the archive of Aleksander Henisz.


Władysław Hasior


Wiesław Dyląg, Martyna Rabajczyk


Dyląg Gallery
22 St. Tomasza Street


12.05.2023, 6 pm

Exhibition open

13-14.05.2023, 11 am – 6 pm | 15-19.05, 12:00 (noon) – 5 pm


The exhibition is a tribute to Aleksander Henisz, a great promoter of Polish artists in France, such as Mieczysław Janikowski, Tadeusz Brzozowski, Zbigniew Makowski, Andrzej Meissner, Jerzy Kujawski and Władysław Hasior. The aftermath of the latter’s long-term friendship with A. Henisz are several hundred photographs of his own works from the 1950s/60s. and correspondence preserved in the Paris archive. Many of the presented works, due to the fragility of the material used (e.g. soap, wax, glass), probably no longer exist.


We have been operating continuously since 2004. We promote artists, events, trends in Polish art of the 20th century, with particular emphasis on the 1950s and 1960s. In recent years we have been intensively developing the sculpture section, which puts us at the forefront of galleries dealing with this kind of art. Our documentation department has archives of e.g. Stanisław Grabowski, Mieczysław Janikowski, Aleksander Henisz, Hanna Rudzka-Cybis, Ewa Kierska, Adam Hoffmann, Tadeusz Łodziana.


Dyląg Gallery | 22 St. Tomasza Street