Domek na Kasprowicza & Polish Naives

All my white cubes

Start: 10.04.2019, Time: 6 pm

Address: 5/5 Kasprowicza street


Monika Bąkowska, Śominika Dniegocka, Agnieszka Doniec, Marta Horovitz, Jacek Kociołek & David Langlois NG, Jan Koper, Piotr Sylwester Mierzwa (dostawca treści), Mikołaj Rejs, Mateusz Szymanowski, Paweł Warchał, Aśka Warchał-Beneschi, Jerzy Ziomber, Adam Kovalcsik, Elżbieta Suchecka, Magdalena Krzepina


Aśka Warchał-Beneschi

Event description

An exhibition about what succeeded, what didn’t, what still might and what probably won’t. The artists I’ve invited to this project are the ones I’ve had great cooperations within the past and those who are a remorse about the ideas that never came to life. This project will be about the anxiety pushing us forward and, from time to time, pulling us down. After more than two years of the existence of The House on Kasprowicza, almost four years back in Cracow I’m doing all I can to settle with myself as honestly as possible. This is also the beginning of a new chapter: Polish Naives art gallery.

Opis galerii

The House on Kasprowicza street is a private living space since 2016 functioning as a informal center of contemporary art. It is an experiment meant to allow us to express our feeling in a safe, home atmosphere. It is being animated by Aśka Warchał-Beneschi, who was raised here, and now came back, after 15 years and lives here with her husband and two cats. She’s organizing art residencies, exhibitions and meetings regarding art and experiencing it. To this day, The House organized residencies of Śominika Dniegocka (series of Surreal Tuesdays finished with a Surreal Ball), Irene Contreras (finished with an exhibition entitled ‘above all.daily nobleness’), Jerzy Ziomber (with a performative exhibition Cooperation and Contestation), David Langlois NG and (with one leg) Mikołaj Rejs (‘Superstiions. Between the forest and street art’ project) and exhibitions by Elżbieta Suchecka (Contact) and Jan Koper (Jan Koper. Wooden sculpture).
The House remains an experiment but makes its own leap with KRAKERS 2019 by opening an online art gallery: Polish Naives. Most of the works shown on the ‘All my white cubes’ exhibition will be available to buy since the day of the opening.