Drożdżownia Atelier

A scientific institution equipped with devices for systematic research and observations
(One day event)

Start: Wednesday, 10.04.2019, Time: 5 pm

Address: 5 Drożdżowa street


Marcin Gierat, Piotr Lutyński, Adam Rzepecki


Robert Domżalski

Event description

Gierat, Lutyński, and Rzepecki are conducting experiments on the exploration of life on other planets. They claim that artists should be the first representatives of humanity to make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, as they are the only ones able to approach the unknown creatively and non-schematically. Every advanced form of life will create art, therefore it is the art that should be used as a tool for interplanetary dialogue. Title of the exhibition is from PWN’s definition of ‘observatory’.

Gallery description

The title of this exhibition is taken from the PWN’s definition of the word “observatory’. The Drożdżownia Atelier is a new place by artists associated with Lea44 group. Like an astronomical observatory it is located far from the center, where we can be more focused and ready to explore the universe without being distracted by civilization. A 7-condignation tower is a part of this ‘observatory’