Michael Biber, Martyna Borowiecka, Magda Buczek, Kat Chamberlin, Moyra Davey, Piotr Dłużniewski, Pippa Garner, Jakub Hošek, Kozlow, Maria Kniaginin-Ciszewska, Bartek Arobal Kociemba, Oskar Korsar, Peter Kunt, Madeline Kuzak, Beatrix Reinhardt, Mira Schor, Agnieszka Szostek


Siona Wilson


Sadka Street 12


10.06.2022, 6-9 pm

Exhibition open

14-17.06.2022, 6-9 pm

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Only some of the girls on this show have eggs, but we all ate them. Eggs: socially acceptable abortion. A girl runs away in Texas, she’s chased by cowboys. In Poland, a girl is nauseous and goes to Berlin. A girl with a bank of eggs from God that are so precious that they must not be broken. Fuck the girl, protect the eggs!
Girls + Eggs is an exhibition in alliance with all those outlaws. Girls who have run out of eggs. Some girls were boys once. Some aren’t girls anymore. Some are still boys.

Gallery info

C U AT SADKA is a place set up by two artists: Agnieszka and Michael Biber. It is located in the suburbs of Krakow on 12 Sadka Street, from which the name comes. C U AT SADKA first existed as a concept of a place gathering artists from around the world. The old house, laboriously renovated by two artists from Berlin, became a venue for contemporary art exhibitions in October 2021. Although Agnieszka and Michael deal with visual art, when organizing exhibitions they do not want to limit themselves to its definition.