If the Wall should ever fall, all the fires will go out


Ola Nenko


Michalina Bigaj


10/4 Bernardyńska Street


11.06.2022, 7:30 pm

Exhibition open

13-17.06.2022, 2 pm -7 pm

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Resistance is one of Ola Nenko’s artistic practices. As part of the event “If the Wall should ever fall, all the fires will go out”, it shows installations and sculptural objects – they were inspired by situations in which it is precisely resistance, aesthetics of car protests, leather upholstery, burning gasoline and queer dream that intertwine into a story about fighting for your own space.

Gallery info

„BWA ZBK” is a paragalery run by Magdalena Lazar and Michalina Bigaj, which operates in the full bloom mode. In the history of Kraków, it has appeared in various places, sometimes changing its name, always appropriating the symbolic capital of the administration of the premises. Like all administrative systems, it is a set of interrelated and cooperating entities. Recently residing at 10/4 Bernardyńska Street.