Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear


Sara Piotrowska, Maciej Szczęśniak


Sara Piotrowska, Maciej Szczęśniak


Piotrowska/Szczęśniak Atelier
55 Królewska Street | Królewska Center 24h Parking Lot


11.06.2022, 8pm

Exhibition open

Exhibition/One-day show will be open the whole day on Sunday 12.06.2022

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Times of crisis are making us move again. The existing structures of the Western model of life are shaky in their foundations under the pressure of war reports, climate change and dwindling resources. Everyone meets on the way; both war refugees and privileged cyber nomads, whose financial status allows them to choose the road movies and escape from big cities. During the event, two video projections will be presented in parked cars in the parking lot at Królewska Street.

Gallery info

Piotrowska / Szczęśniak Atelier is an artist-run space created in 2019 in the area of the Telkom Telos building. After the demolition of the gallery, the initiative functions as a pop up gallery in various situations.