Tomek Baran, Maria Ciborowska, Serhij Ďakiv, Marcin Dymek, Piotr Kolanko, Radim Koros, Petr Pelzmann, Julius Reichel, Grzegorz Siembida, Sofie Švejdová, Małgorzata Wielek


Maria Ciborowska , Alexandra Karpuchina


UFO Art Gallery
13 Krakowska Street


10.06.2022, 8 pm

Exhibition open

11.06.2022, 1-6 pm | 12.06.2022, 1-6 pm | 13-17.06.2022, 3-6 pm

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The creative search is the most difficult to define in terms of the beginning and the end, in terms of both time and space, the psyche of the artist and the world around him/her. Although everyone walks the path of the creative process, individual differences mean that the only option is to chart your own path. Creativity. One way, a maze of possibilities. The ONE exhibition is about a meeting of artists searching for and exploring the subject of the unknown in their work. This is the fourth edition of the UNKNOWN project, where the exhibition is preceded by the artists’ discussion about the creative process of the presented works. This year’s UFO Art Gallery event was prepared together with Karpuchina Gallery from Prague.

Gallery info

UFO Art Gallery /Unrecognized Fields of Art Gallery/ is a contemporary art gallery, created to promote the art of conscious artists oscillating more or less around the open creative process. Established in 2018, the gallery is a so-called artist-run-space, run by Maria Ciborowska in the center of Krakow’s historic Kazimierz district. Embracing street level, with an urban and friendly feel, the exhibition space is open and well-lit, making it an ideal venue for artists and art organizations to exhibit their work.

Karpuchina Gallery is a private experimental commercial gallery specializing in contemporary art. A complex biotope with a high level of artworks to fish for.

Karpuchina Gallery is a cutting-edge exhibition space located in Prague’s cultural and historical center. The gallery showcases a broad range of media in contemporary art, from painting and video art to drawing and sculptures. It presents a carefully curated and diverse exhibition program divided into four spaces.