Rury śnią. Pipes dream

Laboratory Section


Anna Pichura, Jakub Marjankowski, Gabriela Korwin-Piotrowska, Jonasz, Jakub Andura, Weronika Andura, Magdalena Sadłowska, Paweł Marcinek


OMAM curatorial collective


The Sewage System of Kraków
1 Stoczniowców Street


12.06.2022, 5 pm

Exhibition open

13-17.06.2022, 2-6 pm

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Pipes that sleep quietly during the day, wake up in the evening to think about the peas and cabbage we serve them. Nothing is lost in this closed circuit. The only multitude is the recycled one, with no beginning. The waste community precedes any other activity. It leaves no alternative, it is our only reality. By not fulfilling the community that the pipes give us, we disappoint the world. We eliminate the ghosts and voices of the underworld that help the day happen. We allow the community to emerge, the existence of which does not require any discursive efforts.


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