Urban Neon

Laboratory Section


Piotr Kolanko, Angelika Wojas, Konrad Peszko, Adrianna Gajdziszewska, Maria Olbrychtowicz, Justyna Baśnik, Paweł Baśnik, Małgorzata Wielek, Lidia Maślanka, Kościół Nihilistów (Wrocław, guest)


Angelika Wojas


Urban Neon
ul. Zwierzyniecka 4


11.06.2022, 5 pm

Exhibition open

10-17.06.2022, 4 pm – 9/10 pm
and after making an appointment by phone: +48 883 286 826

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Urban Neon is a response to the grayness of Krakow courtyards and city spaces. We invite you to see a bit of art that came out of the studio to people by itself, to irritate and bite the eyes a little. The aim is to revive the urban fabric with street art that is produced on an ongoing basis and needs space to present itself.
The city, as a living organism, needs to represent various artistic forms, including ephemeral ones and those referring to off-type activities. The project refers to the concept of an urban organism as a unity, which often lacks dialogue. The exhibition is both an attempt to engage in such a dialogue and a manifestation of its own independence in the city’s organism and the local artistic world.


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