Everyday life


Michał Cygan


Zuzanna Ceklarz-Gołąb


FRESZ Gallery
18 Karmelicka Street


11.06.2022, 6 pm

Exhibition open

13-17.06.2022, 2-7 pm

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“Everyday Life” – the exhibition of paintings by Michał Cygan is a range of the topics undertaken by the Artist, a commentary on current events, presented in Michał Cygan’s typical style and figuration. Anyone who becomes familiar with the work of Michał Cygan knows that one cannot pass by it indifferently. It is both mocking, a bit tongue-in-cheek, other times very literal – so that it’s hard not to look away. Blunt, with no taboos, no turning a blind eye… And all in strong, neon-gray colors. Current everyday life, straightforward.

Gallery info

FRESZ Gallery is a contemporary art gallery. Here you will find the works of Polish artists – selected, unique and up-to-date. The artists cooperating with the gallery are, first of all, graduates and doctoral students of the Academy of Fine Arts from all over Poland, repeatedly awarded and distinguished in the most important Polish competitions and rankings, laureates of scholarships. FRESZ Gallery has existed since April 2014. The gallery organizes individual and collective exhibitions to promote the artists cooperating with it and annually promotes its artists at the Warsaw Art Fair.