Exhibition “Pierwszy zmysł” in Cricoteca – important message

For the safety of the public, Pierwszy Zmysł changes the form of its exhibition as part of Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2020: Art: an open concept.

Statement by Pierwszy Zmysł

“Dear visitors!

Your safety is the most important to us, therefore, in the current epidemiological situation, we invite everyone to the exhibition, but so far in a slightly changed form. At the moment, we are forced to give up the tactile experience of exposure. However, we still do our best to make it move your other senses and let you experience it fully. We will try to do our best in specially prepared narratives convey to you what we wanted to convey by touch. When we look, we will imagine textures, weights and temperature. Therefore, we kindly ask you to listen to these audio works on your own equipment – a link to them can be found in the exhibition space.

The exhibition in full form will be held at Cricoteka as soon as possible. We will definitely keep you informed about everything on our fanpage and in the event.

Meanwhile, we are setting off next Sunday, so we invite you to a joint journey through the senses – sometimes intuitive and extrasensory.”