Marta Deskur


Marta Deskur


Gaweł Kownacki


Ujejskiego 2a


16/06 | 7 p.m.

Event description

Marta Deskur. Pictures. A series created consequently from 2016 till today. Dual sided. On the face paints – colour, pattern, structure. On the back – information, numbers, precise data regarding the order of paintings, proportions of pigments and structures used, time of creation, mathematics.

The faces of pictures presented on the walls of the gallery create a multielement composition.

My reaction to meeting Marta Deskur was a will to perform and to record it. Looking at the composition of works highly evocative visually I give myself a task of translating images presented in the gallery to sound and then fix it on a staff – creating a musical piece. Not being a musician, placing myself as one of the unknowns, I will be checking the mathematical and visual equation. The score – a record of a particular visual situation created in the F.A.I.T. gallery will be available to play. We may invite you to a concert. There will probably be many variations, rehearsals and instruments. Music likes maths, music likes imagery, being abstract itself.

In the meantime come and see Marta Deskur in the F.A.I.T. gallery at 2a Ujejskiego street between the 13th of June and 7th of July 2021

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