Patrycja Ochman-Tarka, Paulina Ochman


Patrycja Ochman-Tarka, Paulina Ochman


Fashion Startup Gallery | och koncept
ul. Józefa Piłsudzkiego 21

Event description

Information noise in which we live has dulled our senses and our ability to recognize impressions and feelings from reality, while our experiencing of space becomes unconscious. The goal of this exhibition is to put the audience in a space containing threads of unreal reality which are a medium to wake up the sleeping alertness of our senses. Space is understood as a product of interdependence, based on an interaction between a man and his environment with which he clashes in a never ending process.

Gallery description

The Fashion StartUp Gallery started thanks to funding within the project called ‘Designing the future – a program for development of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow’. Its main focus is to promote works of young artists. It is a place for exchanging thoughts, discussions about art. Presents fashion, design, architecture and photography.