FLU space

State of matter

Start: 14.04.2019, Time: 5:30 pm

Address: 23/4 Józefińska street


FLU Creative Group

Event description

The exhibition creates a space of transfer and challenges us to get moving. The cacophony of life becomes an inspiration to make a multithreaded and open concept of the display in which the spectator becomes the creator. His or her choices influence the narration and context as well as the choice of the script to follow. There is no beginning and no end – only transition state, diffusion, penetration, ‘B’ sides…take the challenge – enter the state of ,matter!

Opis miejsca

W prywatnej przestrzeni FLU tworzy otwartą pracownię, galerię i miejsce dialogu.
100m² wyzwania dla artysty i widza.