Event description

Crash test is an interdisciplinary exhibition of A.Janicki. In professional terminology a crash test is a cantrolled, laboratory test of how vehicle’s safety features work. During the test a slow motion (1000fps) video footage is recorded and analyzed with signals from sensors placed all over the vehicle and manekins inside it. The exhibition will make it possible for you to see the results of a test not necessarily performed on a means of transport. The pandemic created new contexts for the expression ‘crash test’.

Gallery description

APTEKA Janicki Gallery is a symbol of revitalization. An abandoned pharmacy becomes an art gallery in the old Cracow district of Podgórze. It is a new spot, opened in 2019 by Alek Janicki, and it occupies a place on the artistic map of the city, taking the space over against neoliberal tendencies, gentrification and sales parameters. It was here, at Józefińska 43, where prescriptions were filled, medicines were given out, comfort and hope was given to those in physical discomfort.

During the gallery’s inauguration a concert for two brains was played. Music was created and manipulated by the brainwaves of two artists – Janicki and Araszkiewicz. The attendants could listen whilst walking around the gallery, circulating between their footprints (the soles of their shoes were covered in black paint leaving prints on the white floor) and an augmented reality in search for a prescription for their existential movements.

This time the attendants will be subjects of a crash test aiming, of course, at healing.